Getting Around Montreal

On Foot, by Bus and More...

Making Your Way Around the City

Making your way around Montreal can be quite easier compared to other cities around the world. The City of Montreal was designed with the commuter in mind.

Montreal by Foot

Walking around Downtown Montreal is the preferred method of travel for most when visiting Montreal since most of the attractions in Downtown Montreal are fairly close by each other and the layout of the city is actually quite easy to navigate even during the harsh winters. The Underground city makes it quite comfortable and convenient to get out of the inclement weather and easily get to your destination. In an effort to crack down on the jaywalking problem in Downtown Montreal, the city instated a strict policy in the city. When walking around Montreal, be sure to obey the traffic lights and only cross streets on corners and when there are green lights and walk signals. Be careful as nobody wants to pay for an unnecessary $37 jaywalking ticket.

Montreal Jaywalking

Montreal by Bus

Bus fares in Montreal are the same as for the underground Metro. Buses do not run as quickly or as frequently as the Metro, but you do have the advantage of being above ground and being able to see where you are going. This can be advantageous for tourists unfamiliar with where they are going in and around Montreal. If you get on a bus and want to switch to the Metro, ask the bus driver for a transfer ticket.

Montreal by Metro

The Metro in Montreal is known for its speed and its affordability. Nothing beats Montreal’s Metro System. The MEtro system is comfortable and extremely quiet and will get you to your destination quick and easy.Its expanding network of underground tunnels will get you to just about anywhere you want to go around Montreal. Fares for the underground Metro in Montreal are charged by the ride and not by distance. A single ride costs $2.75 or you can by 6 tickets for $12 or an unlimited week pass for $19. The Metro runs from 5:30AM until about 1AM.

Montreal by Taxi

As with any major city, taxis are abundant in the city of Montreal, especially downtown. Taxis here come in all shapes, makes, models and colors so just look for the big illuminated taxi signs on the roof. The initial charge in a Montreal taxi is $3.15 and each additional kilometer is $1.45. A short ride downtown will average $6, making it a great alternative to walking in the rain or snow or during the hotter summer months. Taking taxis around Montreal is also the best means of travel at night when traveling from club to club and to avoid drinking and driving.

Montreal by Car

Montreal is a very easy city to navigate by car. Most hotels in Montreal do have underground parking available but it comes at a cost and can be quite expensive as space is limited. There are also several outdoor parking lots that charge by the day. It can be difficult to park in Downtown Montreal on the heavily trafficked streets. There are plenty of metered parking spaces as well as pay-by-the-hour parking garages. Parking in metered spots costs $3 per hour and stay in effect until 9PM on weekdays and 6PM on weekends.

Montreal by Bike

The city of Montreal is extremely bicycle friendly with a great system of bike paths. Bicycling in Montreal is used as much for transportation as for exercise. Most major streets and most Metro Stations have sturdy bike racks for you to lock up to when bouncing around town. There are several places around Montreal to rent bikes as well, making this a great option when taking in the many site seeing attractions the City of Montreal has to offer.

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