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Las Vegas may be called Sin City, but Montreal Quebec more than lives up to that same nickname. Montreal is often called by many the “Sin City of the North.” As the second largest city in Canada, Montreal is a very popular destination for tourists of all kinds. For those travelers looking to explore the liberal, relaxed vibe of Montreal and indulge in some adult entertainment, there are plenty of choices.

With a legal drinking age of 18, cheaper prices than Las Vegas, and more than 50 strip clubs, erotic massage parlors, and peep shows, a trip to Montreal is sure to be exciting. Located less than a six hour drive from New York City, Montreal is an option to consider if you are looking for affordable fun with a European flair.

Chez Paree Strip Club Montreal Quebec

The strip clubs in Montreal run the gamut from being strictly “no-touch” to ones where full contact is allowed with the dancers. There are clubs for both men and women, straight or gay, and fetish or non-fetish lovers alike. The strip clubs range from locations such as Chez Paree, an upscale, no contact allowed club with over 65 dancers, to places such as Pussy Corps, where customers can have a more private interaction with any number of beautiful women.

In addition to the strip clubs, Montreal also boasts a number of peep shows and sex stores. Many of these are located in what is known as the red light district in Montreal.

Depending upon your personal preferences, many more delights await you in Montreal. In the city proper, there are more than 20 swingers clubs. These clubs cater to couples and singles, including those who want to participate as well as those who are just there to watch.

Whatever type of adult experience you are searching for can most likely be found in Montreal. The city almost never sleeps, bars are open until 3 AM, and the tolerant attitudes of its liberal citizens make for an unforgettable experience. Sexy nightclubs, late nights spent under flashing neon, and sex everywhere you look-it’s all waiting for you here in Montreal.

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