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For those who enjoy nightlife, there’s scarcely a better city in the world to hang out in than Montreal. One of Canada’s most eclectic and diverse cities, Montreal offers more nightlife options than just about anywhere in the area. Since the city is so close to the U.S., tourists find that a quick drive up to Montreal is enough to feel as if you’re in a completely different world. Whether you’re into elegant martini bars or indie-rock dives, Montreal has got a hang out for you.

Montreal has more variety in it’s bar and pub landscape than all but a few of the world’s major cities. People who visit Montreal often find that there are more options in Montreal for nightlife than anywhere they’ve ever visited or lived before.

If you like to party in a more elegant, metropolitan atmosphere you will will find a ton of options all over Montreal. Whether downtown or on the outskirts, there are hundreds of bars that appeal to the martini crowd. Since Montreal itself is a pretty metropolitan-oriented city, it is often viewed as a comfortable place for those who identify with a more sophisticated crowd. After visiting, many people even move to Montreal because it feels like the home they’ve been searching for.

If metropolitan martinis aren’t your thing, don’t think for one second that Montreal doesn’t offer a good deal of alternative options. The city has excellent sports bars, and small, independently owned bars that offer some of the most eclectic music and arts in North America. With a host of different bar districts (many of which build on specific themes), there’s never an end to the variety in this amazing city.

Traveling to Montreal for the first time can be overwhelming given the size of the city, but should be nothing less than an awesome time. With the nightlife options at hand, there’s no reason why it should be anything else!

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