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The strip clubs in Montreal are second to none with some of the most beautiful and exotic women (and men) in the world. With nearly 30 strip clubs to choose from in Montreal, there is something for everyone.

The strip clubs in Montreal run the gamut from being strictly “no-touch” to ones where full contact is allowed with the dancers. Some strip clubs in Montreal are “no touch” in the main club with special VIP areas for private contact dances. There are clubs for both men and women, straight or gay, and fetish or non-fetish lovers alike.

The strip clubs in Montreal range from locations such as Chez Paree, an upscale, no contact (except in private booths) club with over 65 dancers, to places such as Pussy Corps, where customers can have a more private interaction with any number of beautiful women. Club Super Sexe is probably the most popular of all the strip clubs in Montreal, but only because it is the largest and most recognizable and is located right on Saint Catherine Street. Super Sexe well worth the visit, with an army of beautiful women to choose from, but it is also one of the most expensive strip clubs in the city so be prepared to pay a premium. Club Super Contact is a spin off club from Super Sexe, which is right next door. Super Contact is more or less a more casual version of Super Sexe, the prices are less and contact dances are allowed here. Other clubs to check out include Bar Downtown, Kingdom and Grand Prix.

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